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  • Estonia’s e-Business Register is an advanced and secured tool that allows entrepreneurs to register their new business online in just minutes, without ever having to go to a notary or government office.

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    Info service: +372 680 3160, rik.info@just.ee
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    List of functions:

    • list itemRegister a new company over the internet
    • list itemChange data in the business register
    • list itemFile annual reports
    • list itemAdministrate members list of political parties
    • list itemDetailed inquires of other companies

    In 2011 98,2% of all company submissions were made over the internet with e-Business Register

    Company Registration
    All it takes to register a company is an ID card, and ID card reader and an Internet connection. Here’s how it’s done:

    Step 1: The entrepreneur logs onto the portal using an ID cardn - Log In
    Step 2: He or she fills in the necessary information
    Step 3: The founder or founders electronically sign the documents
    Step 4: Fees and share capital are transferred through the Internet
    Step 5: The entrepreneur sends the application with just one click
    All of the information is automatically sent to the courts and the Central Commercial Register, and a confirmation is received a few minutes later.

    Thanks to the introduction of cross-border digital signatures, Portuguese, Finnish, Belgian and Lithuanian citizens can also register their companies in Estonia and vice-versa. Potential users are up to 20 million.

    Contractual customers can visualize all data of the e-Business Register. Visualization shows the relations between legal persons as an image.

    Current and former relations between companies.
    Persons in records, persons outside records and owners.
    Direct link to the European Business Register, e-Land Register and Official Announcements.
    In order to use the Visualised Business Register, a subscription agreement has to be entered into. Existing customers can use the service after logging into the e-Business Register by selecting “Visualize” from the menu.
    In addition to the subscription fee of 9.58 €, the use of Visualised Business Register requires fees in three cases: upon starting a visualisation, upon opening a link on the information map, and upon visualising a new relation. The fee amount is 1.27 € per opening of each new relation. The prices are supplemented by value-added tax.

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