E-residency anniversary and statistics

  • On Friday, Estonia had a reason to celebrate. No, it was not a national holiday, but the second anniversary of something innovative, ambitious and positively brilliant in the face of Brexit: Estonian e-Residency.

    For the past couple of years, Estonia has been inviting entrepreneurs from all around the world to become digital residents, allowing them to easily set up and run Estonian businesses online.

    Over 15,000 people from 136 countries have applied for e-Residency since its introduction, with over 1,000 successful applicants taking advantage of the opportunity to start a business in this small but visionary Baltic state.

    You can read more and see the live broadcast of the e-Residency 2nd anniversary celebration from here: https://1office.co/estonia/blog/estonia-leads-world-business-without-borders/

    Ivar Veskioja
    1Office Group

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