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    The Company Registration Portal is an environment which allows companies to submit documents to the Business Register electronically, without the need to use a notary’s services. The portal allows submitting applications for registering a new company, amending registry data, liquidating a company and deleting a company from the registry. You can also prepare and submit annual reports via the portal.

    Every citizen can log into the Company Registration Portal and use the portal. The citizens of Estonia; Finland, Portugal and Belgium can use their ID card for logging in. People with the nationality of Estonia and Lithuania can also use the Mobile ID to log into the portal, and the portal also allows authentication via online links displayed on the front page of the portal.

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    The technical support of the portal helps with submitting electronic applications, documents and annual reports:
    +372 669 6609,
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    Possibilities offered by the Company Registration Portal:
    Registering a new company – a business association, a self-employed person or a non-profit association can be electronically registered in the Business Register if all persons related to the company (Board Members, founders, Council Members, etc.) have ID cards. Registration applications can be submitted via this portal by persons having an Estonian, Portuguese, Belgian, Finnish or Lithuanian ID card.
    Changing the data of a company – the portal allows electronic submitting of changing, liquidating and deletion applications to the Business Register. The applications must be digitally signed with the ID card upon submitting them.
    Notifying about field of activities of a company – the Company Registration Portal can be used for notifying the registrar about changes in the primary field of activities by only self-employed persons and general and limited partnerships who are not required to submit annual reports to the registrar. Business associations can submit their field of activities and changes thereof only with their annual reports.

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