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  • The e-Land Register is a convenient accessible service which allows quick and easy verification of general data, size, owners, restrictions and encumbering mortgages of immovable properties.
    If you need data of immovable properties only infrequently, then you can make individual queries in the portal without entering into an agreement. In order to receive or verify large amounts of data on a daily basis, you can register as a customer of the e-Land Register.

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    Info service: + 372 680 3160, rik.info@just.ee
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    Citizen login allows free-of-charge viewing of land registry documents, authorising another person to view documents, ordering the digitisation service, and paid viewing of land property data. In order to use the service, you need to authenticate yourself with an ID card or via online banking.
    Contractual customers of the e-Land Registry are companies and agencies which need larger amounts of reliable data about immovable properties on a daily basis. All data issued by the e-Land Registry have legal force.

    View data of own property
    The service My Land Register files of the e-Land Register allows the user to view free-of-charge the documents preserved in the Land Register files which have been opened about the immovable properties belonging to the user. If the paper documents contained in the file are not yet digitized, then you can use the e-Land Register to submit an order for digitizing the documents (if logged in with the ID card). Upon digitizing the Land Register file, the paper documents contained in the file are scanned within 5 business days after the receiving of the order.

    In order to review the documents of own property, the user must log into the e-Land Register with the ID card.
    After logging into the e-Land Register, select “My Land Register files” from the menu; this opens the list of immovable properties belonging to the user.
    By clicking the link “Documents”, the user can view the list of documents and can open the documents.

    Authorising to receive documents
    The authorising service of the e-Land Register allows the owner of an immovable property to grant another natural person the right to review the documents in the relevant Land Register file.

    After logging in with the ID card, you can find your immovable property with the help of the search form on the front page.
    If a digital Land Registry file exists, then you will see the link “Authorise” on the line of the immovable property; by clicking this link, the authorisation form will open.
    After filling in the authorisation form, you can select the documents which you wish to grant access to; confirm this action with a digital signature.

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