• DigiDoc is a system that’s widely-used in Estonia for storing, sharing and digitally signing documents.

    Because digital signatures carry the same legal weight as paper signatures in Estonia, a secure, easy-to-use platform is needed to give government institutions, businesses and private persons a way to transmit files and add digital certifications.

    After logging into the DigiDoc system with an ID card or Mobile ID, a user can upload any document, digitally sign it, and forward it to other parties for their signatures.

    Any type of file can be entered for signature – a word processing document, a photo or even an instant messaging chat. Voice recordings can be uploaded by phone.

    The documents are stored in a unique folder for each user. Every time users log on, they see their own uploaded files and as well as any they have signed.

    DigiDoc utilizes the robust public key encryption of the Estonian ID card and Mobile-ID, meeting the EU’s strictest standards for security.

    The system is heavily used in Estonia’s public sector, handling everything from court documents to municipal contracts. It’s also commonly used in the banking industry, though its popularity in all areas of business is growing rapidly.

    [Source: e-estonia.com]

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  • The DigiDoc one is my favorite! It makes signing documents so quick and easy - and the confirmation page is usually absolutely sufficient for any external place that required 'proof of the signature'.

    Also, I love how my first ever 'real' work contract was signed with DigiDoc. Didn't feel any less real because of it :blush:

  • Have you heard any success using this outside of Estonia? I tried to send a ddoc document to a company I was doing business with here in the USA and they refused to install the software, which means they couldn't read the document.

    I am also wondering why there is a monthly document limit unless you use the Estonian state portal. (Or pay a fee.)

  • I have submitted digitally signed documents a few times, along with the downloaded confirmation page as a pdf - then there is no need to download the software. Some places have accepted it, others have not.

    The more people know about the digital society, the more common it becomes, the more people will accept it :grinning:

  • Digital signatures will be accepted soon within the EU as well. Also, often they have more legal weight than hand-written signatures.

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