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    One of the most widely used and innovative web applications in Estonia is e-School. It provides an easy way for education stakeholders to collaborate and organize teaching/learning information.

    The system has a range of different functions for its various users:

    Teachers enter grades and attendance information in the system, post homework assignments, and evaluate students’ behavior. They also use it to send messages to parents, students or entire classes.

    Parents use it to stay closely involved in their children’s education. With the help of round-the-clock access via the internet, they can see their children’s homework assignments, grades, attendance information and teacher’s notes, as well as communicate directly with teachers via the system.

    Students can read their own grades and keep track of what homework has been assigned each day. They also have an option to save their best work in their own, personal e-portfolios.

    District administrators have access the latest statistical reports on demand, making it easy to consolidate data across the district’s schools.

    For more information on eKool, visit their website eKool.

    [Source: e-estonia.com]

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