Why E-Residency?

  • Would love to hear everyone's reasons for becoming joining e-Residency! Why did YOU become an e-Resident?

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  • Greetings and peace be upon you everyone :)
    I hope you are all doing well.

    I'm Muhammad Sherbeeny, an entrepreneurial UX designer from Egypt... and living in Egypt is more than enough for me to seek finding other ecosystems to depend on.

    My current "in progress" project is Happinize, and I have many other ideas/designs to work on later.

    All my projects are location-independent and I prefer to register them in a country where I can manage them online from anywhere in the world without having to rent a physical office.. and of course, better be a country with stable economy and supportive ecosystem... and that was Estonia :)

    I'm now searching for opportunities that can help me relocate to Estonia and accelerate Happinize ;)

    M. Sherbeeny
    Entrepreneurial UX & Business Designer

  • Hi Katheriin, firstly, I am very excited about the concepts of "identity" and "reputational capital" .... especially if it can be secure, valid and universally useful in our digital world. The Estonian e-residency satisfies all those parameters and is the closest thing I have seen which provides "four factor ID". Secondly the fact that an EU government has checked the validity of every subscriber's data is awesome! Virtually all financial, legal, medical, educational, governmental, security, etc, activity requires significant amounts of "due diligence" on the parties involved. Again, Estonia e-residency is a good foundation for all of that so the saving of time and expense for businesses like banks is significant. I now insist that all my clients obtain e-residency before I do business with them! I can't think of a better, more valuable bargain for 50 Euros! I am involved in international corporate structuring and management where due diligence requirements are high, legislated and carry penalties if not completed adequately. Cheers, Lyn Bell

  • A couple of reasons: (1) I'm interested in the idea of online identity/identities in general, and solutions to verify reputation in the digital world. But (2) is probably the main reason: I like the idea of a future where people can select services provided by different countries, and use them internationally. I'd love to live in a world where we can select things like education, health insurance, contract law, business registration, banking etc from the jurisdictions that provide them best. If countries need to compete for our attention and business, then it will lead to better services and standards of living for everyone – international or local.

    Jon Southurst

  • Right on!, Jonathan! Indeed with e-residency and the Internet of Things, national borders become even more artificial and "local" becomes "international"

  • Bravo! for the price increase to €100 ! This helps to dignify the product and confirms that it is an investment with a growing value!

    I can personally attest to savings well in excess of €100 for every client I acquire. I would otherwise spend at least $500 in due diligence costs if they did not have their own e-residence qualification. Additionally, I save a great deal of administrative time and delay. Hence, I am paying for my new clients to obtain their e-residency!

  • Katheriin,

    I believe that internet will re-define "country".

    It give the freedom for me to live in one place, have bank account in one place, register company in one place, invest into stocks and startup in one place, etc. In nut shell, it's a way of accessing freedom.

    That's why I am passion about it.


    To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.

  • Echo that ! And with no borders... artificial competitive barriers melt away and 7 billion people become the whole market for everybody!


  • Indeed!

    As an expat and international traveller, I am so sick and tired seeing politician's mind: they point their finger to another country and blame them.

    Politician's mind is all about "how to cut the pie properly", it's all about "I get more, you get less, I get my pleasure by stepping on your toes". They never understand win-win.

    Entrepreneurs' mind is "how to make the pie bigger". These are two totally different mind.

    Seriously, we can do sth.


    To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.


  • Dear other eResNetwork members!

    I am embarrassed that I only have 5 followers! :-)

    Aren't any others of you interested in my rantings about Anguilla ???

    Cheers :-)

  • I think if Estonia does this right and keeps iterating/improving they can become the next Switzerland.

  • Greetings everyone, I'm very glad to be here and here is the reason: the e-Residency is one of a few resources that reflect real state of affairs in our world. It lets concentrate on the idea of communication between people without bureaucratic husks. It gives a freedom of creation and a feeling of being a part of an advanced talented team, e-residents.

    And it shows what the real world really is: the single organism consisting of friendly people united by the idea of creating opportunities for our world to become bigger and better place to live.

    I'm proud to be here and contribute to that!

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