E-Residency program is cooperating with BitNation to offer a Public Notary to e-residents

  • Bitnation, the decentralised governance project which offers blockchain IDs and Bitcoin debit cards to refugees, has done a deal with Estonia to offer a Public Notary to e-Residents.

    Starting December 1 2015, the blockchain notary service will allow e-residents, regardless of where they live or do business, to notarise their marriages, birth certificates, business contracts and more, on the blockchain.

    The blockchain is a public ledger distributed across hundreds of thousands of computers around the world. The distributed and immutable nature of this public notary makes it more secure than any notary currently offered by traditional nation states.

    The Estonian e-Residency programme is far and away the most advanced of its kind on the planet. This agreement takes that a step further into wholesale decentralisation.

    Bitnation is doing for identity and statehood, what Bitcoin is doing for money. Bitnation CEO and founder Susanne Templehof has said, in reference to the current refugee crisis, that the project seeks to eradicate the most criminal part of our existing legacy systems – borders.

    She told IBTimes in an email: "We have made a deal with Estonia, and the ultimate goal is to gain recognition for Bitnation as a sovereign entity, thus creating a precedent for open source protocol to be considered as sovereign jurisdictions."

    Read more: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/bitnation-estonian-government-start-spreading-sovereign-jurisdiction-blockchain-1530923

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