Intellectual Property Residence

  • Once we have all become e-residents and digital nomads ... where our IP actually resides will become extremely important. Where is your IP resident ??? ("everywhere" is the wrong answer!)

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  • will be offering a digital IP for you throught a secure VPN.
    It's different from TOR networks or anonymous VPN’s by requiering authentication using ID-card or mobile ID.

    "In addition we want to provide ID-card owners and e-residents the possibility to secure all of their .ee domain e-businesses by providing faster and also cheaper way for obtaining certificates for themselves." -

    But it is a very interserting subject in its own. Would like to see what others have in mind.

    eResNetwork Community Manager

  • Thanks Kaspar, I should have spelled out "Intellectual Property" rather than assume that everyone would translate IP that way instead of Internet Protocol! Anguilla is unique as the only country in the world that offers a "Certificate of Intellectual Property Residence" filed with our government. More on the CIPR at I see great collaboration between ee digital nomads and where they establish the actual home of their Intellectual Property. Sorry for not being more clear in my first post! :-(

  • @Lynwood-Sewell-Bell said:

    Once we have all become e-residents and digital nomads ... where our Intellectual Property actually resides will become extremely important. Where is your Intellectual Property resident ??? ("everywhere" is the wrong answer!)

  • I have had the good fortune of meeting one of the leaders of the Copenhagen "Nest" who came to Anguilla to explore our jurisdiction as an ideal site for the "residence" of Intellectual Property and our unique "CIPR"

    During the visit we agreed that a similar Anguilla "Nest" would be very helpful for combination holidays and entrepreneurial exchanges during cold Estonian and Danish winters! :-)

    Additionally, the development (or testing or pilots) of any Intellectual Property while in Anguilla would provide irrefutable evidence that Anguilla (income tax and capital gains tax free) is the real jurisdiction of the creation of that IP and therefore its "residence" for taxation.

    Complementing this residency would be an Estonian parent or subsidiary for EU and global market penetration ... just as I am doing through my HANSADVISORY 0U !

  • We are contemplating a 'trial" Anguilla "Nest" for one or two months later this year where a dozen or more "digital nomads" would come to Anguilla to determine if this idea is powerful enough to justify a year round "Nest" like the Copenhagen model. Please keep in touch if you are a candidate to participate in an initial "trials". An April/May session is unlikely but something during the winter months is a virtual certainty.

  • As this topic discussion suggests ... I am focusing on the physical "residence" of Intellectual Property (from an ownership and accounting perspective) even though IP is an intangible and can therefore be ubiquitous... until someone wants to tax its income! This article by one of my Anguillian legal nomad colleagues suggests another reason to consider Anguilla as that chosen IP residence in cases involving Artificial Intelligence! Our country domain code is ".ai" Hence, another excellent combination of global e-residency in Estonia and global IP ownership in Anguilla!

  • Another example of the choice of our .ai Anguilla domain name is which has built an incredible yet simple natural language processing API that helps developers turn speech and text into actionable data. The company was recently purchased by Facebook!

  • Those of you who attended the Vormsi Hackathon last September may recall that I awarded an additional prize to the winning team. The prize consisted of 1) a "Certificate of Intellectual Property Residence" and 2) a company set-up in which to hold that asset. Robert Norris and his InstaVisa team were the winners.

    I am prepared to to consider similar awards to other e-residency qualifying start-ups if they fit within our objectives at .ai Anguilla Incubator Inc. Having e-residency is crucial because it is such an important element of due diligence for international businesses.

    Where your intellectual property resides is an equally important "economic" element.

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