Seriously, all e-residents, we all can contribute to what we believe

  • Hi, guys, @eResNetwork-team

    We all applied e-resident for a reason (whatever that is).

    As a new program at its "MVP" stage, it's success is all depend on early adopters' (us) acceptance. The more we use it and generate buzz in the community, the more successful it will be.

    Take the Bitcoin for example, the early adopters used it to buy pizza, rent car... taking the most advantage of Bitcoin's uniqueness. That's the base for Bitcoin.

    Unlike Bitcoin, e-resident program has a much broader features/functions than Bitcoin, so it's not that easy create vivid activity in the community.

    For entrepreneurs, THERE IS A PROBLEM, THERE IS HOPE.

    E-resident program's purpose is to break the geography boundary, and release the creative power to entrepreneurs.

    Why not we see, if this program really can make things easier, as it claimed, TOGETHER.

    Following is just brain storming, just throw your thoughts in.

    We can start a small on-line business using e-residency program.
    The business model is crazy simple: we publish an article to introduce an e-resident per day. This article review the interviewer's experience, expertise and and business. So it will be a good exposure for this person's business.
    Then we can do crowd funding (selling the interview slot), or sell the share of the company. @FUNDSIE can help us on the crowd funding, and @funderbeam can help us on selling the company's share. Both of these companies are strategic partners with e-residency program.
    We use the money we collect to hire one person /"CEO" to manage the whole site, and possibly can sell some Ads.

    The most important, lots of people will be get involved into this process, we will register company, manage banking, tax, sign and send documents, vote via e-resident program and its partners. We will know each other better.

    The more buzz and successful story can make, the more successful this program will be.

    We all can, need to contribute to what we believe.

    To your liberty,


    To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.

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  • On the surface, that sounds like an interesting (and fun) idea.

    Since media/reporting/interviews are what I do for a living, I've been thinking about recording some interviews with people who've taken out e-Residency and actually done something with it. I've seen a few people get their card and then think "Well, what next?" and it'd be great to provide some examples for inspiration.

    The glossy magazine you can get in Estonian Embassies isn't bad, but there needs to be something more accessible. A site, and/or podcast, something people can subscribe to. There also needs to be concrete advice on setting up businesses, banking, paying taxes etc, with specific information about the costs and practicalities involved.

    Anyway, those are my initial thoughts. If anyone out there thinks it'd be a good idea and would like to be a guinea pig to record an interview, please PM me.

    Jon Southurst

  • Thanks Jonathan.

    Yes, it's a fun/interesting idea (thanks for the gentle expression, lol). The core idea is to bring some ideas to get the community involved.

    To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.

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